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Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C.

"It takes a unique type of education and life experience to understand both the science behind weight gain and loss, as well as the psychology of what the person is going through."

How many times have YOU said, “Starting in the New year, I’m going to lose weight…”?  Or, “… After the Holidays”, or “Right after Vacation”, etc. …?

Many of our patients have experienced an ever diminishing Quality of life as a result of their weight gain, for years. Health issues, Divorce, watching their children fall into the same weight gain habits or even suffering their first Heart Attack is what it sometimes takes for a person to finally make that choice to lose weight and change their life! The reality is, the longer we wait, the harder it becomes. But the right time is always NOW and it is never too late! With Obesity at epidemic proportions and Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer rates increasing as a result, H1 takes weight loss very seriously. My team and I understand the struggles overweight people encounter and the mental and physical challenges they face. 

My Story and Credentials

I personally began living within the weight loss world, quite literally at the age of 12, when I began wrestling. I observed, studied and experienced this process throughout my life and college wrestling career and later in working with MMA fighters and bodybuilders. I have achieved pre-med honors and a Chemistry and Psychology degree from Case Western Reserve University (’93) and Doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City where a great deal of emphasis is placed on nutrition and body physiology / chemistry. From 2008-2014, I was a part of a National Chiropractic Franchise team. During this time, the development of our current, truly Doctor Supervised program really took root. The issue with trying to franchise a weight loss plan however was one we had difficulty working through. It was easier to put together a program that was safe, and worked than it was to train the offices on how to implement the program. More importantly, just because someone is taught how to oversee a Doctor Supervised weight loss program, doesn’t necessarily make them an expert. It takes a unique type of education and life experience to understand both the science behind weight gain and loss, as well as the psychology of what the person is going through. The problem with the majority of the current “Doctor Monitored” weight loss programs are just that (for the ones that actually are supervised by a physician)… Lack of understanding.

Personal Bio

My wife and I currently live in Broadview Heights (since 2003) with our three children (Gabriella, Grace and Genevieve) who attend the Brecksville Broadview Hts Schools. The entire family is active in the community from sports activities to community service and chances are, you have met one of us at some time. If not, we do look forward to that time.

About Our Weight Loss Program

Why is H1 Weight Loss Different than other Programs?

This program is different for several reasons. This is a True, Doctor Monitored, Health System! Because each patient is under constant supervision by the Doctor, we are limited to 20 New patients each month. This ensures that everyone receives the attention and support necessary during this process. H1WL utilizes a completely holistic approach, science based testing, safe, natural and effective formulas, and healthy meal plans. It’s why we are able to GUARANTEE the results you’ll achieve. This program IS easy to follow, but you MUST follow the program to achieve the results you desire. There are multiple pieces to this program, and removing any of those pieces ultimately jeopardizes your long term success.

Our program has a food plan based on the guidelines first put in place by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons and added to by nutritional experts. It must be followed carefully to ensure success and ongoing maintenance of your leaner self. All the foods are store bought and there are NO pre packaged or artificial foods encouraged within this system. This allows our patients:
  1. To learn how to shop and eat healthy from their local grocery stores and markets.
  2. To not become dependent upon us for their “meals” which can be both inconvenient and costly.
  3. Save literally THOUSANDS of dollars in excess spending at the stores and restaurants.
This does not even take into consideration the Financial savings from the inevitable Health Issue related costs due to rising Health Insurance premiums, illness, medications (s) and hospitalizations.

It is estimated that roughly 92% of Diabetes cases, 86% of All Heart Disease, and 36% of All Cancers would be ERADICATED from our society if we, as a whole, could just reduce our incidence of Obesity to an Overweight Status. Studies have shown that even moderate obesity (BMI>30) can take years off of your life. This doesn’t even account for the fact that those suffering from obesity report a far lower quality of health and life as well.


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