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When Should You Start?

Post Date: 08-07-2019

When should you start a weight loss or exercise program? Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C. explains...


Synthetic vs. Whole Food Supplements

Post Date: 07-26-2019

What's the difference between synthetic vs. "whole food" supplements? Which is better? Dr. Matt Stasek, D.C. explains...


Start Now!

Post Date: 07-08-2019

It's always the right time for permanent weight loss. Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C. provides tips on how even small changes can get you started.


Do You Have Plans?

Post Date: 06-18-2019

Have a Summer Vacation, HS Reunion, or other event coming up and want to lose weight to feel and look your best? Learn how you can reach your goals with help from HealthyOne.


Tried Everything

Post Date: 05-30-2019

Have you "Tried Everything" and still can't lose weight? Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C. shares the common reasons this may happen, and how the HealthyOne plan helps patients to overcome these obstacles.


Dr. Dachtler, D.C. and several patients share how his expertise has helped many not only to lose weight, but greatly improve their health as well.


Foods and Weight Loss

Post Date: 05-09-2019

Did you know that some medications and "healthy" foods labeled "sugar-free" or "fat-free" can actually contribute to weight gain? Dr. Frank explains in his latest video.


3 Keys to Weight Loss

Post Date: 04-26-2019

Learn the 3 Keys to Weight Loss from Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C.


Ryan Tompot has always struggled with his weight. Learn how he successfully lost the weight for good with the guidance of the team at HealthyOne Weight Loss.


Exercise Isn't Always the Answer

Post Date: 03-26-2019

Exercise alone won't help you lose weight - Dr. Frank explains why and what really works to shed the pounds.


Why Weight Loss Fails

Post Date: 03-25-2019

Why does weight loss sometimes fail? Dr. Frank explains the concept of "Body Adaptation" as a common cause for weight loss failure in this educational video.


What is Your Weight?

Post Date: 03-14-2019

Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C., explains the importance of knowing your weight in this educational video.


Dr. Frank shares his response to the Top 5 Laments he hears from people struggling to lose weight in an interview with Beth Newcomb/


Weight Loss For Every Body

Post Date: 01-22-2019

Dr. Frank explains the HealthyOne program in an interview with Beth Newcomb/


Holiday Health Tips

Post Date: 11-20-2018

Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C. shares some holiday health tips to help you keep holiday weight gain at bay.


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