How the Healthy One Plan Works

So how does long term weight loss occur? Is it as simple as just counting calories or hitting the gym four times a week? No. The process is a bit more complex… if your goal is permanent change. Weight loss only occurs with changes in diet and correcting your metabolism from “fat-storing” to “fat-burning”. In most cases, a FOCUSED LIFESTYLE CHANGE is also imperative for you to maintain your healthier body. 

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The Healthy One Weight Loss system focuses on Education and Clinical Supervision by qualified Doctors to help a person through the Fat Loss process. The utilization of homeopathic supplements and nutritional products are encouraged during the initial phases. The program essentials and specifics are based on each individual and although follow strict, medically based protocols, each is tailored to the needs, age, goals and health of the patient.

All of the supplementation and homeopathics used are safe and effective formulas which help to promote appetite control, immunity, blood sugar regulation, and mood while completing the program. The supplementation formulas that are utilized Do Not contain HCG. They are all natural and safe! Keep in mind that we are Chiropractors first with years of education in the areas of nutrition and body physiology. We do not prescribe medications of any sort and have personally used these formulas, with great results, as well as many of our friends and family.

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