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From the Doctor

– By Dr. Frank Dachtler, D.C., Clinical Director

How many times have YOU said, “Starting in the New year, I’m going to lose weight…”? Or, “… After the Holidays”, or “Right after Vacation”, etc. …?

Many of our patients have experienced an ever diminishing Quality of life as a result of their weight gain, for years. Health issues, Divorce, watching their children fall into the same weight gain habits or even suffering their first Heart Attack is what it sometimes takes for a person to finally make that choice to lose weight and change their life!

The reality is, the longer we wait, the harder it becomes. But the right time is always NOW and it is never too late! With Obesity at epidemic proportions and Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer rates increasing as a result, H1 takes weight loss very seriously.

My team and I understand the struggles overweight people encounter and the mental and physical challenges they face.


There are many Weight Loss Programs out there. But very few address the science of safe and effective, long-term fat loss as well as the Health Benefits that should accompany it.

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How we shop and prepare our meals is vital to long lasting health and weight loss. And ... it's less expensive!


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More Energy, Less Back and Joint Pain, and an Increase in the ability to Focus on Work and Daily Tasks are just a few of the benefits to a proper Diet!

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